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José Larralde

José Larralde

José Larralde was born the 22nd October of 1937 in Huanguelén, Province of Buenos Aires - Argentina.

He wrote his first verses when he was seven years old, initiating therefore a vast and fertile journey that would take it inexorably to the heart of the Argentineans. Descendant of Basque and Arabs, Don José has been a rural worker, tractor driver, bricklayer, mechanic, welder and, as he defines themselves, guitarist and singer.

He lived in front of Don José Dip's house and there it listened continuously to Jorge Cafrune. One day, he requested that Don José Dip present him to Jorge Cafrune. One night in 1966, while grilling at the home of Don Eduardo Saad, Larralde's uncle, Don José DIP told him that he would present him to Jorge Cafrune.

There, José shared with Jorge the words to songs he had composed, the last one being "Sin pique" (Without Resentment). After listening to his interpretation of "Sin pique", Cafrune enjoyed the song so much that he requested that Don José Dip talked to Hernán Figueroa Kings, director of CBS records, because he wanted it recorded that week. Hernán told Don José DIP to that it is impossible because he was ready to release the LP "Yo digo lo que siento" (I say what I feel). In spite of everything, he persisted and Jorge recorded it immediately. Jointly with "Permiso" (Permission), "Sin pique" appeared in Jorge's next LP, entitled "Jorge Cafrune" (CBS 8745), in 1967.

Twenty days later, Cafrune returns to Huanguelén because it had to act in a very small town nearby, called Girodías. Jorge had to invite "Pepe" Larralde to accompany him. For this occasion, Cafrune interpreted 3 songs, introduced Larralde and did not sing anymore. It was Larralde who sang the entire night. From then on, in all his performances, Cafrune always mentioned the young boy from Huanguelén, promoting Larralde.

Jose Larralde Jose Larralde Jose Larralde Jose Larralde